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Get on the property ladder without ever paying for a property. We are giving the chance to those in our community who cannot afford to become landlords to get their feet on the property ladder. Without paying anything!

How does it work?

  1. You have a friend who is a landlord.
  2. You refer them to us to rent their property out.
  3. You receive 1% of the rent every month for as long as we are renting the property out.

It’s really that simple. No hidden fees or terms attached.

What are the benefits?

To become a landlord, you would normally need to:

  1. Earn enough to save for a property whilst renting as well.
  2. Have wealthy friends who will go in with you to purchase a property collectively
  3. Get a mortgage with high interest rates attached

The benefits of our scheme is that the transaction is not with money but with trust. By trusting in our community to help increase our portfolio you will also receive a monthly share of that increase. As we earn, you earn.

How many referrals can I send to ABS Properties?

There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can earn 1% on. This means you can earn as much as you like with us based on how many referrals you send to us.

What exactly is 1% per referral?

Let’s say that you refer a property to us which we then rent out for £550.00 per calendar month. This means you would receive £5.50 every month as long as that property remains with us.

Another example: If you refer 2 properties to us at £600.00 per calendar month each, then this is a total of £1,200 per calendar month for the 2 properties. 1% of this means you would receive £12 every month for as long as the properties remains with us.

Where does the 1% come from?

The 1% comes out of our own management fee and not the landlord’s rent. The landlord does not lose out by partaking and neither do you.

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